Monday, December 16, 2013

Refrigerator thermostat replacement

This is what a refrigerator thermostat looks like.  It is usually mounted on the top of the evaporator on most fridges.  In this case, the model was a Frigidaire.  The defrost function will not work if this goes bad.  Boise.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Appliance Repair - Refrigerators

I've been in the repair business for many years and enjoy sharing DIY articles and tips to homeowners.  If your appliance is giving you trouble, online advice is useful in many cases.  Here is a common refrigerator problem.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meridian Appliance Repair | Oven Repair

As an Meridian idaho appliance repair technician, I sometimes have to drive far. In this case, the repair service was in Star. While I prefer to work on Meridian Appliances, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do what's necessary.
This GE Oven had a bad front-right burner element. It was a triple burner, three individual coils to provide heating. Anyway, a long drive, we got the appliance repaired quickly and another satisfied customer.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dryer Repair Meridian

Keeping the Dryer Clean for Efficient Performance

A dryer is designed to remove lint while it dries the clothes. Lint is a fuzzy material which has the potential to cause trouble to the dryer. Lint can clog vents, block lint traps, and fill blowers. Lint can also collect in other areas such as in and under the drive belt and the pulleys, and in the tracks of the drum rollers. This can cause poor drying of the clothes, or sometimes even no drying at all.

Cleaning the dryer in such cases may avoid the need for dryer repair. While you can seek help from a professional appliance repair Meridian company to clean and maintain your dryer, but it is also possible to do thorough cleaning on your own. If you clean out the lint trap system of the dryer each time you use the dryer, you can avoid any serious lint related problems. A terrific and dedicated repair company in Meridian, Idaho can also guide you how to clean and maintain your dryer properly. 

Cleaning the Lint Screen and Exhaust Vent

You can remove the lint screen from the unit in order to clean it properly. This screen can be found at the top of the dryer near the control panel, or near or under the door sill. It can be removed by pulling it up and taking it out of its casing. Once you have removed it, you can simply clear the screen by taking out all the accumulated lint, and then replace the screen.

Lint also gets collected in the exhaust vent. You can remove lint from the screen in the dryer’s vent exhaust collar or at the end of the exhaust vent. To clean the screen, you should first remove the clamps or screws that are holding the vent to the collar, or pull the vent off an extended collar. Thereafter, you can clean the screen properly, and replace it in the vent assembly. This procedure can be performed on your own and may not require the assistance of an appliance repair Meridian company.