Friday, March 2, 2018

Maytag Neptune Washing Machine Problem

This is a picture of a very reliable and top-end front-load Maytag Neptune washing machine.  This washer, once the cycle is started, will not lock the door when it is suppose to.  When the door is locked the front panel light should illuminate.  In this case it is not happening.  The first thing we want to look for on this board is the R11 resistor on the front of the main control board.  Remove the screws from the back panel and gently remove the access panel.  The main control board will be attached to the back panel.  You will have easy access.  Inspect the front of this board very carefully and look for any burn marks.  Sometimes the burned components will give off a bad smell.  If you find that the board is burned, the board will need to be replace.  Please note: the wax motor, which controls the door lock, will also need to be replaced at the same time.
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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Don't run a oven self-clean before Holiday

Folks, it's very common for people want a clean oven for holiday meals especially when you have visitors.  My advice- don't run a self-clean.  Clean the oven with a good quality spray cleaner instead.  If a malfunction occurs in the oven controls or thermostats during a self-clean you may be without a oven until help arrives after the Holiday. These problems are not uncommon since the stress on the oven and components are great when the oven reaches 900F .  If you really need to do a self-clean, my advice is to wait until after the holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving folks!    208-599-1085. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dishwasher dispenser indicates problem

When we see this kind is soap buildup it suggests a problem with water circulation.  A healthy dishwasher will wash away any residual detergent and leave the dispenser clean after each wash.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Dishwasher dispenser bad

Detergent is dispensed during the main wash cycle.  It cannot be added manually because the detergent will be flushed out after the initial prewash.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Damaged Dryer Drums

Bad bad bad.  This dryer drum has definitely seen better days.  What started out as a new LG dryer drum, shipped straight from the manufacturer, has turned into to a taco shaped mess.  UPS did a good job at destroying this however, it wasn't all their fault.  The box that it was shipped in was thin and did not have any support.  Considering how paper thin these new dryer drums are, you would think that the appliance-maker would provide decent packing and support.  I guess not!  This is what I get.

I may not provide replacement drums for my Meridian and Boise customers anymore.  The damage rate on these drums, as received, are about 70 percent.  That's right, seventy percent are damaged.  I usually have to go through paperwork and refunds to make sure everyone is happy and it leaves the customer without a repaired dryer.  It's become a big pain in the !@#ss.  Oh well!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Washer lid switch problems

The first picture shows a lid actuator pin for a direct-drive washer.  The second picture shows where the pin makes contact with the washer switch.  When the lid is closed, a switch contact is enabled and the timer now sends a voltage signal to the washer' s drive motor to start the spin and drain cycles.
I find broken switches in many of these washers in the Meridian Idaho area.  
A common symptom is that the washer won't spin the clothes out and leaves them wet.
As with most other washer problems in Meridian, we can fix this too.  208-599-1086