Sunday, July 10, 2011

Washer Electrical System - Washer Timers

Some of the parts in a automatic washing machine appliance, new and old, include timers, solenoids, switches, motors, pumps, and motors. 
The most important, or the "brains" behind all the operations performed is the washer timer.  The timer programs the other electrical components in such a manner as to control the mechanical functions, water fill system, dispenser, drain, agitate, and spin.  There are also different modes of timer control such as Delicate, Permanent Press, Second Rinse, Normal Wash, Pre-wash, and Pre-soak.  These merely identify the various cycles available and the setting of the timer to obtain those cycles.  Timer settings require the operator to set it manually and select and set the wash and rinse water temperatures.  Some of the more modern Front Load Washers, have sensing features that choose load size, wash time, and spin time automatically.

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