Saturday, September 3, 2011

Washer - Dryer Motor Windings Clean | Western Appliance Repair Meridian

Cleaning Washer and Dryer Motor Windings:
Most trouble with Washer and Dryer motor windings can be blamed on dirt, grease, and moisture which create such an undesirable conduction medium which may result in a breakdown of insulation.  Dirt and grease collected on the inner and outer surfaces of electrical units prevent proper circulation of air and conduction of heat to the outer surfaces and air.  This could cause the appliance motor to overheat and decrease the life of your appliance.  It is, therefore, very important that all accumulations of dirt, grease, and moisture be removed.  The best means of cleaning motors and generators are air pressure, vacuum suction, and grease solvents.
Air pressure, reversing a vacuum cleaner and blowing dust off the windings is the most satisfactory device.
Vacuum suction, use a vacuum cleaner or hose to remove grit, carbon, iron, and copper dust.  Be sure the hose is not made of metal.

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