Sunday, May 15, 2016

Damaged Dryer Drums

Bad bad bad.  This dryer drum has definitely seen better days.  What started out as a new LG dryer drum, shipped straight from the manufacturer, has turned into to a taco shaped mess.  UPS did a good job at destroying this however, it wasn't all their fault.  The box that it was shipped in was thin and did not have any support.  Considering how paper thin these new dryer drums are, you would think that the appliance-maker would provide decent packing and support.  I guess not!  This is what I get.

I may not provide replacement drums for my Meridian and Boise customers anymore.  The damage rate on these drums, as received, are about 70 percent.  That's right, seventy percent are damaged.  I usually have to go through paperwork and refunds to make sure everyone is happy and it leaves the customer without a repaired dryer.  It's become a big pain in the !@#ss.  Oh well!

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